Cutting Class Review

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Cheerleader Paula is being pursued by two guys - one, Brian, has recently been released from mental hospital; the other, Dwight (Pitt) is the school bad boy. When murdered students start turning up, she begins to suspect both.


Charles Laughton directed once. Shame. So did Brando. Tragedy. Presumably Rospo Pallenberg, director of this tension-free Halloween rip-off, realised that he and talent were but distant pen pals and laid down the megaphone. Praise be!

The tale of a cheerleader caught between two would-be beaus, and incidentally being stalked by a ruthless serial killer (is there any other kind?) is the sort of thing that could work - if directed by Wes Craven and called something like, say, Scream. But in Pallenberg's hands, it just doesn't work. The only way that this is likely to enjoy a resurrgence is in clips on Before They Were Famous, for the appearance of a young Brad Pitt.

Dire, B-movie cheese throughout, this gives no clue that Pitt - or anyone else involved - could ever have a career in Hollywood.