Crossfire Review

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Quick is a female assassin, charged with capturing a Mafia accountant, Herschel, who stole $3million before turning informer. Realising that the mafia have screwed her, she heads with her quarry to California hoping to get some of this money for herself. But cop Muncie, the mafia and her boyfriend are all hot on her heels.


Realising her mafia paymasters have hoodwinked her, hit-woman Teri Polo (known for her roles opposite Ben Stiller in the Meet the Family films), travels across country with a mob accountant Martin Donovan (The Pornographer: A Love Story) who she's supposed to be killing, hoping to unearth the $3million loot he's stashed. Hot on their trail are crooked cop, Hollywood journeyman, Jeff Fahey, who is partnered by Tia Carrere, her mafia bosses and her unpleasant boyfriend. The plot is nothing special, there are no decent crashes to speak of, but the script and performances are okay.

A very average hit-woman thriller.