Crazy In Alabama Review

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Lucille (Griffith) has been abused by her husband for years, but finally snaps, and heads off to California to become an actress. En route, she pauses in Alabama to visit her nephew Peejoe (Black), who is dealing with problems of his own.


Antonio Banderas' directorial debut stars wife Melanie Griffith as a loopy Southern belle who decapitates her abusive husband and heads off with his head in a hatbox. Which you'd think, as her husband, he wouldn't want to encourage, but clearly Banderas is pretty confident in their relationship.

En route Griffith's Lucille breezes through Alabama, touching the life of her nephew Peejoe, whose own notions of freedom are maturing against a backdrop of bigotry. This flamboyant stranger quickly teaches him that it's OK to be different, prompting him to go on a journey of his own. Deftly capturing its '60s setting, this is an impeccably acted merger of off-beat comedy and stirring drama.

This may look like a vanity project, but both star Griffith and director Banderas convince as more than just another celebrity couple.