Conspiracy Of Fear Review

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When Chris King's father dies, he is devastated. However, when a bunch of assorted heavies start threatening him over a mysterious package his father may or may not have left him, grief is the least of his worries.


A fairly gripping Speed-esque elevator panic gets this otherwise run-of-the-mill thriller off to a decent enough start. Chris King (Andrew Lowery) loses his father and gains a whole bunch of nasties after him and some mysterious package his potentially dodgy father may have left behind.

If you think that sounds familiar, wait for the rent-a-performance from the increasingly video-friendly Christopher Plummer. It's all fairly predictable stuff, with only Leslie Hope on hand as the car-stealing babe to liven things up. It has made for TV written all over it and has highly superior films in the same bracket which would give far more satisfaction.

Bottom of the gene-pool thriller.