Complicity Review

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Cameron (Miller) is a journalist who enjoys exposing the misdeeds of the rich and powerful. But when those he writes about start turning up dead, all the evidence points to him, and even Cameron begins to question himself…


Jonny Lee Miller is the jaded reporter getting weirdo tip-offs relating to a serial killer offing apparently unconnected prominent figures. Worryingly for Miller, however, the more he looks into each of the murders, the more it looks like he was responsible - and since he was either asleep or off his head at the time of each killing, it's almost impossible for him to be sure that he didn't do it.

Based on Iain Banks' caustic novel of idealistic insanity, the sombre mood fits perfectly, Miller is good, and on the whole this is nasty enough to provoke. But it also offers nothing new. It is far too tentative in the violence department and therefore doesn't hang around long in the memory.

A low-key but not uninteresting Scottish thriller aiming for the same vein as Shallow Grave.