Compliance Review

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A phone call from a policeman (Healy) leads the manager of a burger restaurant manager to apprehend a customer. But all is not what it seems and the stakes quickly escalate.


The limits of human gullibility are tested and found wanting in this disingenuous and prurient thriller. It begins with a phone call: Sandra (Ann Dowd), the manager at a burger bar, is contacted by a man claiming to be a cop (Pat Healy), who tells her that a staff member has stolen from a customer. Claiming he cannot leave his post, the officer issues a series of commands that become more and more shocking as he homes in on the weak. Healy’s turn as the perpetrator is key, working perfectly with Dowd’s naive but likeable Sandra. It feels a touch sleazy though, and the vague “based on a true story” coda — which one? Where? — doesn’t really wash.

A punchy and effective drama.