Cockles And Muscles (Crustacés & Coquillages) Review

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A maried couple decide to take their two children on a seaside holiday, where passions run high - the daughter begins hanging about with a biker, the son beachcombes with his best friend (who is also in love with him), the wife's lover is never far away, and the father runs into an old flame.


Echoes of european masters Rohmer and Vadim reverberate around this winning sex-comedy romp from Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau. As with their debut, Jeanne And The Perfect Guy, the action has a musical feel. But this is traditional French farce, as cheating Bruni Tedeschi, bisexual husband Melki and confused son Romain Torres take plenty of showers between assignations with puny paramour Bonnaffé, gay schoolboy Edouard Collin and plumber Barr.

The themes of sexual honesty and family expectation are treated delicately, however there’s a hint of chauvinism that would have been more damaging were it not for a delightful display of infectious joie de vivre from Bruni Tedeschi, whose singing is as enchanting as her spirit.

Both nostalgic and saucily modern, this enticing summer sex comedy provides much to think and smile about without moralising or resorting to caricature.