Clean Slate Review

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Pogue is a private eye with a problem: every morning when he wakes up, he has total amnesia, waking up with a 'blank slate'. Since he is in the middle of a hot investigation and has a developing romance, this is less than convenient.


As the vehicle for Dana Carvey to launch his solo career, this dumb reworking of Groundhog Day has a lot to be desired. The premise is cute enough, with affable gumshoe Carvey losing his memory everytime he goes to sleep, forcing him to catch up with the plot each time he wakes up. The problem is it’s not really worth it, just Michael Gambon, some hoodlums and a stolen, priceless coin. Meanwhile the jokes are left to a talented Jack Russell with a depth perception problem having him slamming into all nearby walls, windows and car doors.

Comedy, but not a very funny one.