City Of Angels Review

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Seth (Cage) is an angel watching over Los Angeles. When a heart surgeon, Maggie (Ryan) becomes aware of him, they fall in love - but he must choose between celestial duty and Earthly love.


Turning Wim Wenders' Wings Of Desire into a feelgood romance, Brad Silberling's melancholic drama sees Nicolas Cage as an angel fall for earthbound surgeon Meg Ryan. Naturally, however, the course of true love between the human and semi-divine rarely runs smooth, and before you know it Cage is debating whether to give up his immortality to pursue a real life relationship with the delightful doc.

Silberling has a fresh eye, Cage neatly judges his adapting-to-earth life shtick and the romance is generally affecting, yet far too often the yarn is hamstrung by storytelling longeurs and philosophical claptrap. Close, but no cigar.

A little too heavy on the melodrama to really succeed as a great love story, this still has good performances from both stars and some heavenly moments.