Chunky Monkey Review

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Donald just wants to insert a tub of the titular ice cream into a Julie Andrews lookalike (and not orally). First he'll have to deal with the body on his floor, skinhead Christians, and Jesus Christ with an afro in his living room.


Shot in 2001 and now huckstered into cinemas (litigation nearly sank it — you’ll understand in a minute), imagine Abigail’s Party gatecrashed by Viz…

Sometime serial killer Donald (David Threlfall) is waiting at home with a body on the floor and one thing on his mind: unloading a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream up the back-passage of a Julie Andrews lookalike (two lawsuits for the price of one there). A string of unexplained, uninvited guests — skinheads, crooners, a big, black Jesus — ensure Donald is left waiting.

The presence of Alison Steadman amps up the overall vibe of a depraved Mike Leigh, but given the limitations — one location, talky script — it’d be more at home on the Edinburgh Fringe.

Greg Cruttwell’s scraggy debut sows seeds of promise, although Lord knows what will grow from it.