Christmas With The Coopers Review

Image for Christmas With The Coopers

Four generations of the Cooper family gather for Christmas – but unexpected visitors force the family to face up to some long-buried feelings…


Whether trilling carols or hosting their brood of grown-up children, the Coopers (Diane Keaton and John Goodman) love Christmas. But do they still love each other? It’s hard to care when so many starry subplots are whizzing around them.

While one daughter (Marisa Tomei) is getting done for shoplifting, another (Olivia Wilde) is flirting with a soldier (Jake Lacy) at the airport. Meanwhile everyone with a Y chromosome is hankering after a waitress (Amanda Seyfried).

Despite her limited screen time and irreverent character Wilde manages to be charming, but her co-stars’ characters are thinner than gingerbread men. A cloying narration humiliates all concerned.

There’s too much going on and too little character development for this to become a Christmas classic.