Chernobyl Diaries Review

Image for Chernobyl Diaries

Six tourists craving new experiences head to the Ukrainian ghost town of Pripyat, home of the long-abandoned Chernobyl power station. But when the sun sets, their jaunt is transformed into something much more terrifying.


While on a backpacking tour of Europe, Chris (Jesse McCartney) and friends hire the decidedly dodgy Uri (Dimitri Diatchenko) to lead them on a tour of Pripyat, an eerie monument in the shadow of Chernobyl. But, as the sun sets, their van dies and horrible things begin to happen... While this was conceived by Paranormal Activity overlord Oren Peli, his chosen director — effects supervisor Bradley Parker — takes a more traditional route. But despite chilling surroundings, all he’s managed is an uninspired bout of poor decisions, thin characters, running, screaming and death.

Paranormal Activity man Peli mislays his magic formula.