To Catch A Thief Review

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Retired jewel thief John Robbie springs back into action to locate a daring cat burglar suspected of robbing properties on the Rivière. He befriends wealthy widow Jessie Stevens and her attractive daughter Frances.


Cary Grant suaves his way around the Riviera as a retired cat burglar blackmailed into tracking down an up-and-coming heist person who has been framing him for a new rash of daring crimes. A glossy, highly-coloured cosmopolitan entertainment with Grant at his most charming and Grace Kelly at her least restrained, offering the thief a choice between leg or breast as they have a cold chicken picnic.

However, unusually for an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the finale wimps out by having Kelly not turn out to be the rival thief and thus defusing the Marnie-like perverse aspects of the love story.

Lesser Hitch, but still superb entertainment.