Carry On Matron Review

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A gang of thieves plan to steal some contraceptive pills form a hospital by disgusing one of their number as a nurse…


The fourth medical adventure, and one of the funnier of the later Carry Ons saw gang of crooks Ernie, Freddy, Sid and his son Cyril trying to infiltrate Finisham Maternity Hospital in search of contraceptive pills to sell abroad.

Inexplicably, Cyril, the least convincing transvestite in history, is nominated to be disguised as a nurse to check out the lay of the land and immediately attracts the attentions of serial groper Dr. Prodd and befriends room-mate student Nurse Ball, who naturally enjoys sleeping nude. Soon he/she is front page news after successfully delivering a movie-star’s triplets and the Matron is beginning to get suspicious.

      It’s all completely ridulous in a lovable way and culminates in a chase scene through the nurses’ home. Along the way there’s fun to be had from “eating machine” overdue expectant mother Joan Sims, sexually confused Dr. Cutting and the wonderful Hattie Jacques, whose dominance of the hospital Carry Ons is finally acknowledged in the title.