Captain Ron Review

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Having inherited a yacht moored on an offshore island and with little sailing experience, Martin (Short) hires the charismatic Captain Ron to take them back to Florida. Only of course, it's just not that easy. With pirates, breakdowns and other obstacles, Martin and family get more than they bargained for.


Uptight Martin Short inherits a boat and, with his equally uptight family, has to bring it from an offshore island to Florida, whereupon he makes the mistake of hiring one-eyed, easy­going reprobate Kurt Russell to sail the ship.

In the course of various slapstick adventures involving pirates, guerrillas, carnivals, marine accidents, tattoos and malfunctioning equipment, Short and co. learn the true values of life, while Russell keeps the laffs coming with his croaked absurdities. The jokes are obvious but funny. Originally released straight to video, this family comedy still amuses even if it's ideas do seem a little outdated.

A family comedy lacking the double level of humour that make the modern ones so successful. The jokes are obvious but never very far away. Russell puts in a worthy performance as the irrepressible Ron and Martin Short is typically neurotic as the father.