Camp Review

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Talented teens make out, fall out and sing along at a musical camp. Heart-throb Vlad is horrified that famous songwriter Bert Hanley, who's working there, is a bitter alcoholic, and attempts to revive his interest in writing musicals.


If there's anything guaranteed to divide a cinema audience, it's a musical. And with a cast that can sing a good deal better than they can act, Camp is likely to divide critical opinion even more than most.

Not only do many of the young, unknown actors struggle to convince, but some defiantly lack any screen presence whatsoever. Many scenes are poorly scripted, and several subplots are left hanging. That said, it's therefore really quite surprising how much charm Camp has to offer.

Perhaps it's the irresistible lure of the Fame! set-up (who will make it and who won't? Who will triumph over their personal problems and emerge as the glittering soloist?). Perhaps it's the energy of the musical numbers and the enthusiasm with which they're delivered. Or perhaps it's the fact that you're never quite sure how tongue-in-cheek it's all supposed to be.

Whatever the case, this film is certainly one that's best viewed with a strong sense of humour.

Musical fans should be happy to forgive this film its amateur feel and treat it as a kitsch little pleasure