Call Me Review

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Anna (Charbonneau), a seemingly well-adjusted journalist, receives a call from who she thinks is her boyfriend. Soon it becomes clear the voice on the other end of the phone is a more sinister caller and when, inexplicably, Anna decides to meet up with him and instead witnesses a murder, she starts to have second thoughts.


Nasty, perverted thriller in which trendy photojournalist Anna becomes obsessively involved with an obscene caller. When she witnesses a murder and fails to report it to the police, she earmarks herself for rough justice at the hands of the killer and bizarre moral judgements by the phone sex-pest. Unless, of course, they are one and the same. Whodunit issues aside, this film has more fundamental problems. That such a regular member of society should fall for a random telephone stalker in such a manner is not, as the director might have it, shocking, but utterly unbelievable.

A rare point of interest is the early appearance of a kinda funny lookin' Steve Buscemi.

You feel dirty watching this movie, and not in a good way.