Bunny Chow Review

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Three comedians embark on a raucous weekend journey to South Africa's biggest rock festival.


Here’s the type of indie production where the characters have the same names as the performers. In the case of this South African production it’s three irritating club-level stand-up comedians, who we watch abandon what few responsibilities they have to attend a festival.

It mostly rambles along at sub-Jarmusch/Spike Lee levels, but is guilty of plagiarising the little book of relationship screenwriting clichés. We don’t even get to see them being funny. Like Bunny Chow, a local takeaway dish of mashed curry in a loaf of bread, it’s a short-film idea that’s been over-filled with self-indulgence, and its content requires a good filleting.

Over-filled and self-indulgent, this is an irritating little film.