Bugs! Review

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Filmed in the dripping rainforests of Borneo this is a study of the life-cycles of the praying mantis and the caterpillar.


Breathtaking photography, stunning special effects and an entertaining commentary from Judi Dench combine for this IMAX experience that gives the insect-sized residents of Borneo's tropical rainforest their finest close-up yet.

A world away from the cosy TV nature documentary, Bugs! follows the fascinating life cycles of a praying mantis and a caterpillar. The mantis' cunning and skill as a predator is seriously impressive, but witnessing the hungry caterpillar's cocooning and subsequent metamorphosis after weeks of leaf-chomping (growing a staggering 100 times its original size) is magical.

The 3-D experience is such that arachnophobes may find their arms flailing as more creepy-crawlies are introduced. But Bugs! doesn't rely on sinister spider shots for thrills: seeing these insects in their full, magnified glory is a spine-tingler in itself.