Brotherhood Review

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A Korean soldier strives to win the medal of honour that will enable his younger brother to return home from the war.


Set during the Korean War, Brotherhood follows two siblings dragged into conscription and their opposing experiences in the trenches. What starts off as predictable melodrama takes a welcome twist as elder brother Jin-Tae (Jang), in trying to earn a medal that will allow him to send his younger sibling Jin-Seok (Won) home, becomes consumed by the glory of personal success.

Soapy elements rear their tiresome heads again in a needlessly dragged-out third act, but for a large proportion of its running time this is a powerful, if traditional, war movie. And it's amazing the pyrotechnics you can buy for $13 million in Korea!

The most expensive film in Korean history (a still fairly thrifty, by international standards, $13 million), Brotherhood does what every movie given an astronomical budget does: it goes to war.