Brother Review

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An ex-soldier becomes entangled in a mob feud involving his brother.


Danila (Bodrov) is a Chechen war veteran with an interest in local pop music, an eye for the ladies and a propensity for getting himself into trouble. Sent to live with his brother in St. Petersburg, he is promptly assigned a Mafia hit, a job he takes on with relish and an admirable attention to detail.

Brother will come as something of a surprise to those who know director Balabanov for his previous two movies, 1992's Happy Days and 1994's Zamok (thoughtful literary adaptations based on Beckett and Kafka respectively), as he now demonstrates an able grasp of the modern-day crime genre, his movie driven by an enigmatic performance from Sergei Bodrov Jr. as the laconic assassin..

Sorrowful and slow, but with rewards for the patient.