Brewster's Millions Review

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Richard Pryor plays a baseball player, Brewster, whose long-lost uncle has left him $300million, so long as Brewster can prove his worth by spending $30million in 30 days. Not quite the parable of the talents, and completely inexplicable, but Brewster gives it a go anyway.


A failing baseball player comes into a fortune and has to spend it all in 30 days to qualify for an even bigger sum. This Richard Pryor version of a much filmed farce is higher on energy than laughs, but the star's blustering enthusiasm just about carries it, especially when he plays it off against John Candy’s lug of a best mate.

Walter Hill makes a shrewd move of not dwelling on the plot too long but rather letting these two fast-talking talents loose on a decent, if patchy, script.

A satisfying come-down by the director, who stays safely within, rather than pushes against comedy conventions.