A Boy Called Hate Review

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A teenage delinquent released from jail named Hate, after being released the same day, commits a crime, where he leaves a man for dead and decides to hit the road.


A decent little road movie, mercifully free from wannabe hip Tarantinoisms, with Scott Caan as the virginal teen no-hoper who, after getting out of prison that day, hooks up with abused waif Missy Crider and takes off across country after shooting her evil uncle, who was attempting to rape her.

With Caan's dad played by real-life pa James, and the uncle by Elliott Gould, this feels as though it's about the offspring of the sort of losers who cropped up in 70s films and you wonder whether the film would have been made without the connections. It boasts a good rock score by Pray For Rain and a flamboyant supporting performance from Adam Beach as an out-of-control Indian.

Although at first Caan seemed like a cocky wannabe actor, as the movie rolls along, he shows great depth (and the scenes between him and Beach are the best of the film).

Despite a sincere performance by Scott Caan, this road flick examines charted area with little innovation.,