A Boy Called Dad Review

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Fourteen year-old father Kyle Ward struggles with the responsibilities of parenthood while trying to forge a bond with his own dad.


A grim, perpetually rainy corner of north-east England provides the backdrop for this bleak drama following the emotional toils of a 14 year-old father as he attempts to reignite his relationship with his own dad. Newcomer Kyle Ward gives a confident performance as teenager Robbie, a boy who finds himself trapped in a fog of anger, confusion and despair.

His absent father Joe (Ian Hart) tentatively re-enters Robbie’s life, but his reluctance to form a lasting bond sends his son (and grandson) into a spiral of self-destruction. It’s all over in a lightning-quick 80 minutes, but strong turns from the two leads are let down by clunky dialogue and a predictable plot. In the end, both father and son are crying for help.

Powerful and affecting.