When the Bough Breaks Review

Image for When the Bough Breaks

Ally Walker plays a police detective who investigates the apparent serial killing of several children which is linked to an institutionalized, autistic child.


Of all the Silence Of The Lambs imitations this is the most blatant. Ally Walker (who even sounds like Jodie Foster) forms a relationship with an institutionalised autistic boy (played, obviously, by a girl) who knows something about a child abductions. Martin Sheen (in the Scott Glenn role) starts strong in a gruesome scene as a bin-liner full of child-sized severed hands is discovered in the rain, but just seems to disappear from the film. The familiar finale finds Walker confronting nutcase Ron Perlman in a darkened cellar after rescuing a prospective victim. In all a slick and fairly spirited slice of regular vid-fodder.

High on twists, low on entertainment