The Boston Strangler Review

Image for The Boston Strangler

Based on the true story of the Strangler who terrorised Boston by murdering women, this narrative is seen through the eyes of the detective team who had very few clues from which to build their case.


Planet Of The Apes, Rosemary's Baby, 2001, 1968 was certainly a good year for cinema. Yet those movies have overshadowed another '68 great, The Boston Strangler, perhaps denied praise at the time because the real-life serial killer's crimes were still too painfully fresh in the mind. Viewed now, Richard Fleischer's manhunt movie is a truly gripping tale - in the director's hands, the split-screen technique is extremely effective in building tension, while his attention to the details of the pursuit, capture and analysis of the murderer (Tony Curtis, in one of his best performances) is never less than impressive.

Fleischer mastery of tension and attention to detail make this riveting story a great piece of cinema.