Bones Review

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Having been blown away back in the '70s, gangsta Jimmy Bones returns from the grave to clean up the 'hood.


Effectively Crow N The Hood, this grotty little horror about a '70s badass (Snoop Dogg) who's iced, then resurrected decades later for ghostly revenge, is worth a look despite a tone as uneven as its hero's hair.

Despite its creators' promising credentials (cinematographer turned director Ernest R. Dickerson shot all of Spike Lee's early films, while co-writer Adam Smith produced The American Nightmare, a superb documentary on '70s horror films), Bones never really gels - Snoop is frankly too camp to convince as any kind of Freddy Krueger type - although Dickerson throws in some killer gags and plays around with structure. Pam Grier pops up as Dogg's loony lover - Tarantino must be wondering why he bothered with Jackie Brown.

Bargain-bin stuff, but hardly as bad as it could have been.