James Bond 25 - Sam Mendes on Daniel Craig's post-Spectre future

Sam Mendes Spectre

After all the anticipation, Spectre has been and gone, and the internet rumour-mill now turns to the nascent Bond 25. Still officially the incumbent James Bond, Daniel Craig hasn't committed himself to returning, and it's possible to read the final scenes of Spectre as his bidding farewell to the role. And according to director Sam Mendes, there may be something in that.

"It did feel to me like Daniel was saying goodbye to Bond at the end", Mendes told Empire at the awards last night, "but there’s clearly a way he can easily come back. Bond isn’t dead! So that’s clearly Daniel’s call. But I think you’ve got to feel 100% to come back, and I think he knows that. He needs to have a break and do another role and see how he feels after that. I’ll be watching with as much interest as you guys."

Much was made last year of Craig appearing to say he'd rather slash his wrists than play Bond again. But his words were taken slightly out of context; he was talking about his exhaustion with the role having just finished a gruelling shoot. He didn't necessarily mean forever. So Mendes' words here leave us more or less in the same place, while confirming that Craig has been consciously given an out should he decide to take it.

Development on Bond 25 begins imminently. No cast, director or screenwriters have yet been announced, although Christoph Waltz' Bond contract was reportedly for three films...