Under The Bombs Review

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A determined woman finds her way into Lebanon, convincing a taxi cab driver to take a risky journey around the scarred region in search of her sister and her son.


An uneasy feeling of exploitation pervades Philippe Aractingi’s docu-drama.

While Nada Abou Farhat and Georges Khabbaz are obviously acting - as the Shi’ite mother searching for her lost son with a Christian cabby - the extras they encounter in the carnage caused by Israel’s 2006 incursion into southern Lebanon are very much living with the terrible reality of loss and devastation.

Fascinating insights abound, such as Hezbollah using funerals as recruiting rallies, but while the cast and crew’s courage and improvisational skill should be lauded, the profundity the subject demands is sadly missing.

It's insightful to be sure but you can't watch this without getting a feeling that the main players are being exploited.