The Bodyguard Review

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The wealthy son of a Bangkok businessman a is forced to rehire the hapless bodyguard who failed to protect his father


If you enjoyed the comic relief in Ong-Bak as much as the ass-whoopage, The Bodyguard may just float your boat. Ong-Bak's George (Petchtai Wongkamlao) stars as a resourceful bodyguard assigned to a rebellious young executive. The emphasis here is on fire - rather than fist - fights, with a stunning, over-the-top opening shoot-out, but a cameoing Tony Jaa briefly brings the smackdown in a new sort of supermarket sweep.

Wongkamlao, meanwhile, plays to his slapstick strengths, even in his climactic fight. His approach makes this much sillier than its stablemate, and it suffers from too many Thai in-jokes and a spectacularly weird incident involving a water pistol and a bare bottom…

Enjoyable slapstick fun with no real point other than action.