Body Count Review

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A criminal gang's plans to rob an art gallery go awry when one of their number gets killed. The group head down south with the loot. On the way they pick up Natalie, a con artist, who only adds to the gang's dilemmas.


A gang of runaway character actors bloodily fall out on the road after a bungled robbery, failing entirely to get away with their theft of the Reservoir Dogs format. Forest Whitaker gets croaked in the flashbacks, but Ving Rhames has to keep squabbling hoods David Caruso and John Leguizamo apart as they head for Miami with a fortune in purloined paintings. Mystery woman Linda Fiorentino, a breakdown victim with a black eye, joins them and encourages them to off each other. In a fine but unenthusiastic cast, Leguizamo stands out but only by being so irritating it's a wonder he doesn't get killed earlier.

Another attempt at criminal cool by wannabe movie brats who'd faint at the sight of a gun.