Blueberry Review

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Sheriff Blueberry tries to stop Wally Blout, the man who killed his girlfriend, from getting his hands on a secret trove of Indian gold.


Melding mystical hooey, cowboy mythology, CGI circa The Lawnmower Man and a cast that traverses Eddie Izzard and Ernest Borgnine, Jan Kounen's Dobermann follow-up promises to be an interesting mess but delivers a plain old bog-standard mess instead.

Spinning off from a Moebius comic strip, the plot - some guff about an Injun-bred Marshall (a sleepwalking Cassel) and mad Michael Madsen searching for secret treasure - slowly emerges in dull fragments, taking in thin characters and bizarre byways (Lewis' saloon gal singing Danny Boy) while never finding any interesting takes on Wild West archetypes.

During the last 20 minutes, the film jumps off into a different zone of madness altogether as digitally-rendered inner demons battle it out in an ending that renders 2001's finale predictable.

Splashes of Kounen's MTV bravura do help to pep things up but, overall, this is deadening and dull.