Blow Dry Review

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Alan Rickman and Josh Hartnett play the proprietors of a Yorkshire hairdressing salon, who set aside their differences by entering the National Hair Championships.


Billed as a new comedy from the writer of The Full Monty for "anyone who's ever had hair", this isn't actually written by Monty scripter Simon Beaufoy - merely based on his screenplay Never Better. What's more, no writer appears to want to take the final credit for it. And with good reason.

There's a limit to how many people want to fork out for a film about the world of competition hairdressing - especially, as in this case, one lumbered with an international cast doing dodgy Yorkshire accents. While it's hard to be mean about a film that has such obvious good intentions - in between the hair show it tackles an un-clichéd lesbian relationship, cancer, young love and the triumph of the underdog - it's also a tough call to praise something which is so lame and unfunny. Still, nice hair.

A dearth of laughs make it difficult to enjoy this well-meaning dud.