Blood From the Mummy's Tomb Review

Image for Blood From the Mummy's Tomb

Trapped in her sarcophagus for hundreds of years, an evil Egyptian mummy tries to return to the living by killing the archaeologists that discovered her and possessing the body of the teenage daughter of the leader of the expedition.


Taken from a lesser-known Bram Stoker novel (Jewel Of The Seven Stars), this is an offbeat and weirdly effective mummy variant in which the monster is a voluptuous evil queen who lies immobile in her sarcophagus, trying to possess the body of the heroine (Leon).

The underrated Holt died during shooting and was replaced by Hammer head Michael Carreras, who did a remarkable job of tying together a series of bizarre horror highlights. Creepier than most Hammer horrors, this has a real sense of supernatural dread as a group of neurotic archaeologists are driven to gruesome deaths.

Although with more genuine frights than an average Hammer horror that is not saying very much. Sadly it still doesn't make it a terribly successful adaptation, but does remain sinister and gruesome making it one of the more memorable of the Hammer films, even without Christopher Lee.