Blind Side Review

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Doug (Silver) and Lynn (DeMornay) are on their summer hols in Mexico, but after doing a 'hit-and-run' they decide to cut their trip short and head home. It comes as a bit of a surprise when a stranger (Hauer) turns up on their doorstep saying he knows their secret and generally making their lives a misery.


A made-for-cable Cape Fear knock-off. In Mexico, Ron Silver and Rebecca De Mornay accidentally run over and kill a policeman. They don't tell anyone and head back to the States to heave a sigh of relief, whereupon sinister Rutger Hauer turns up and, hinting that he knows all, tries to get them to give him a job as a furniture salesman.

Hauer, a clod in a cowboy hat with a De Niro-ish fondness for brutalising sex partners, puts the pressure on and the Happy Couple crack. It trudges through the ordinary material but briefly flares to life in the finale, which involves plentiful fire and bludgeoning.

A film that offers nothing new except a change of cast and even they do little to make up for the predictability of the script or the slow pace of action. Hauer puts in his best Max Cady impression but that only highlights its similarities with Cape Fear, which it fails to imitate.