Blind Date Review

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Walter Davis (Willis) is a (fairly) young executive without the time to find a date - he needs one to impress a Japanese client. Nadia (Basinger) is at a loose end and the two of them hook up on a - you've got it - blind date. Sadly, no one informs Walter of Nadia's drinking habits...


Blake Edwards’ comedy about straight-arrow young exec Bruce Willis’ encounter with disaster-prone Kim Basinger limps along with reasonable performances through one slapstick night that sees bones, bottles, cutlery and automobiles destroyed at the clumsy, drunken hands of Nadia. That she and Walter manage to fall in love amid the carnage is testament to the optimism of the director in our suspension of disbelief and, more problematically, to his faith in the chemistry between his two leads, which falls, sad to say, flat.

With a better script and better on-screen fizz, this might have been a date worth remembering. As it is, move on and put this one down to experience.

Notoriously re-written, this film feels as if it’s two lead roles have, indeed, been thrown together in some crazed Method-acting stunt to recreate the blind date scenario.