Bitter Harvest Review

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Stephen Baldwin plays a farmer late father leaves him a large inheritance. It's not long before two beautiful women are after him each with their own agenda and sleep with him to get what they want.


Downhome dimwit Stephen Baldwin has just inherited a ranch only to learn his daddy left all the cash to a televangelist when a couple of blondes — white trasher Jennifer Ruben and sophisticated Patsy Kensit — move in on him for a bewildering threesome. It turns nasty when Ruben shoots a bandit who is trying to rape her and Kensit discovers the plans for the crook's next bank robbery. The trio decide to carry out the crime and Baldwin sinks into more trouble than he can imagine. It starts slowly but the last half-hour has a satisfying collection of unguessable twists.

It's a shame this so-called erotic thriller chose to use sex as a selling point as if they had developed the script more, it would have been a much more enjoyable experience instead of a half-baked film. The last half-hour is enjoyable but lasting that long may prove difficult for some.