Best V Best Vol. 1 Review

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A collection of short films (predominantly from the UK, but including entries from the USA and New Zealand) that have won prizes in major festivals around the world, and some that were Oscar nominated.


For so long cinema's Cinderella, the short gets a splendid showcase in this 2005 greatest hits. Milk and School Of Life* are the least arresting, while the whodunit lampoon Who Killed Brown Owl? relies as much on its long-take dexterity as its quirky content. The fertility comedy, The Banker, is a creepy tale of the unexpected, whose malevolence contrasts with the heroic charity displayed in the Kashmiri border drama, *Little Terrorist.

The highlights however, are the Maori tweenage carpark romance, **Two Cars, One Night, and the selection’s sole documentary, Family Portrait**, which chronicles the tragedies of a momentarily famous African-American household.

A solid, diverse collection of pieces from fresh talent. Worth a look.