Barely Lethal Review

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Megan (Steinfeld) trained in the dark arts of the assassin by Samuel L. Jackson's shadowy Hardman. But equally well-trained and even more ruthless is her nemesis Knox (Alba).


Megan (Steinfeld), raised in a secret-agent training facility by a Nick Fury type (Jackson), wants to be a normal teenager. She fakes her death to go to high school, posing as an exchange student. Her nemesis (Sophie Turner) pursues her, but Megan has more trouble with dating, parties and the lunchroom social strata than fighting off assassins. A cute, undemanding teen movie which lets Steinfeld be likable and Turner be hissable. It’s predictable, but the dialogue is smart, Jackson and special guest villain Jessica Alba have fun and the mix of sweet, salty and tough is genuinely appealing.

Hardly groundbreaking but this high-school actioner ghosts by on its charm and sense of fun.