Bad Influence Review

Image for Bad Influence

Rob Lowe plays a devilish charmer who gives yuppie James Spader a taste of the real high life.


One of Curtis Hanson's earlier directorial efforts, Bad Influence hints at the visual flair and sharp intelligence that would emerge in L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile, but lacks the heart and substance of his later work.

In part this is thanks to its late '80s sensibilities, with Rob Lowe's psycho charmer and James Spader's yuppie geek (again!) only interested in the pursuit of big money, shallow highs, empty sex and hard liquor.

That said, as Lowe systematically dismantles Spader's antiseptic existence, Hanson and writer David Koepp handle the thriller plot well, with Lowe effective as the plastically beautiful but deeply dangerous bad influence of the title.

An enjoyable early effort from Hanson.