Bad Attitude Review

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After getting himself suspended, rookie cop (Leon) is out to bring down the criminal underworld, starting with lesbian drug lords, a armed blind Evangelist and an Oriental female assassin. With a 'dirty' cop working against him and his reputation to restore, he's going to have his work cut out for him.


A not-bad cop action movie with Leon out of Cliffhanger (No Surname Given) as a rebellious black officer who talks back to his honky superiors and always solves the case while on suspension.

This one involves a blind Vietnam veteran evangelist with a shotgun hidden in his white cane, a winsome Oriental miss who happens to be a trained assassin, a couple of lesbian druglords who try desperately to fool you into thinking they're men, the inevitable bad apple in the department, some drooled-over shiny motorbikes and more chases and fights than you can shake a suitcase full of cold cash at.

Surprisingly engaging cop movie, featuring big shoot outs, car chases, galore, equal amounts of sex appeal and violence. Made with a big name director, a couple of A-listers and a Hollywood budget, Bad Attitude could have lived up to its potential and cleaned up at the box office instead of becoming fairly forgettable.