Back in Action Review

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Billy is an ex-special forces army veteran, whose sister Helen has become involved with the leader of a vicious drug gang. With the help of policeman Frank who lost his partner to the gang, the two battle to destroy the gang and save Helen.


A by-the-numbers fascist action movie in which macho cop Roddy Piper, who snarls at lawyers and bleeding hearts, joins up with Special Forces veteran vigilante Billy Blanks, latterly of the Tai Bo boxing fame, to obliterate the sub-human drugs scum who have killed Piper's partner and are threatening Blanks' sister. Cue numerous muscle-heavy fight scenes. Disagreements come when Piper wants to arrest the gang, but Blanks wants to kill them. Meanwhile, the two blockhead leads compare bulging neck muscles and their lack of acting ability, while the villains get lines like, "In the right hands, this tiny needle can cause exquisite pain."

A less than engaging action film with weak characters and even weaker actors