Exclusive: Edgar Wright Talks Baby Driver Sequel

edgar wright director

Edgar Wright’s musical crime thriller, Baby Driver, is currently tearing up cinemas, giving the director his biggest box office opening to date and earning a well-deserved five stars from us. It’s no surprise, then, that talk turned to a potential sequel during our recent Spoiler Special Podcast with the film’s writer and director.

“The studio have asked me to think about writing a sequel and it is one of the ones that I might do a sequel to because I think there’s somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters,” Wright told Empire. “Baby has got to a new place.”

So does the director have any idea as to where a follow-up could go? He has yet to direct a sequel, after all. “Most sequels you have to contrive something so they go back to square one, unless there’s somewhere deeper for them to go. I think with Baby Driver there’s more that you can do in that realm, and I sort of have an idea that if you did another [film] you would subvert his involvement in the crime in a different way so he’s not the apprentice anymore.”

Wright also suggested that a particular deleted scene could be used in a sequel. “Before they got to the post office there was this whole scene set to, believe it or not, a song by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. And it’s a really funny and quirky sequence and I really liked it in isolation. But as soon as I tried lifting it out of the movie it made so much more sense. It flowed a lot better without it, basically. If I ever do a sequel, I can just reuse the scene as it was a really good scene, but it seemed to interrupt the flow of tension.”

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Baby Driver is in cinemas now.