Arséne Lupin Review

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Arséne Lupin is a master thief, who enjoy nothing more than raiding the homes of wealthy Parisians. He'll soon need all of his wits about him though, as the police are closing in...


The subject of 18 Maurice Leblanc novels and a longtime regular on the Gallic screen, Arsène Lupin receives the blockbuster treatment in this rousing adventure.

Following the trend now seemingly established for all cult and comic-book heroes, director Jean-Paul Salomé eagerly locates the master thief’s egalitarian villainy in a disturbed childhood before plunging into a yarn with so many subsidiary threads that it’s a wonder the characters can keep up with the dastardly schemes and ever-shifting alliances, let alone the audience.

Romain Duris lacks charisma in the title role and, consequently, is somewhat upstaged by Kristin Scott Thomas’ seductive countess and Pascal Greggory’s treasure-hunting Royalist. However, the action has plenty of swashbuckling panache and the CGI used to supplement the sumptuous locations is suitably atmospheric. Slick, satisfying fun.

Visually redolent of Brotherhood Of The Wolf, this is an old-fashioned swashbuckler that piles complication upon intrigue with satisfying panache.