Android Review

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While helping his creator built a fembot, mild-mannered android Max pines for a girl of his own until the arrival of a shapely convict on his space station.


Shot on the set of producer Roger Corman's previous picture (Battle Beyond The Stars) this low-budget sci-fi movie is elevated by a sharp, humorous script by James Reigle and its star Don Opper, precise direction and a manic turn from the late, great Klaus Kinski.

Mad scientist Dr. Daniel (Kinski) conducts illegal experiments in deep space to create the perfect female, aided by android Max 404 (Opper), who dreams of female company and studies James Stewart's romantic strategies in repeated viewings of It's a Wonderful Life. Then three convicts arrive on the space station, and Max falls for escapee Maggie (Brie Howard), much to his gurning creator's disapproval.

Perceptive and entertaining, it's unfortunate that a better print could not be found for this DVD.