Her Alibi Review

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A crime author falls in love with a woman accused of murder and decides to be her alibi. When accidents keep happening around him he has to rethink the wisdom of this decision.


Someone here had Hitchcock in mind. Successful mystery writer Phillip Blackwood (Tom Selleck in his first film since Three Men And A Baby) has hit a bad spell. Hanging around a courtroom in search of ideas, he falls for beautiful Romanian student Nina (Porizkova). There's one slight problem: she's up on a murder rap.

Blackwood decides to become her alibi - claiming they're lovers, and spirits her away to his luxurious country home to verify the porky. Being an expediential sort of chap, he also starts work turning her story into his latest novel. But when mysterious accidents occur - like when she shoots him in the butt with an arrow - the infatuated author has to ask himself some unsavoury questions. Is she really the killer? And if so, am I next?

The potentially suspenseful situation slips up on a script that would shame a TV Movie Of The Week, one time Australian ace Beresford directs with flaccid blandness. A chase through a shopping mall is wasted when it ends in yet more slappy slapstick. Selleck's charm occasionally rises above this thin material and Porizkova's performance, though it often seems out of sync with the broad comedy, does at least show some indication of actual acting ability.

A dodgy script and weak direction means the decent performances fall flat.