Afternoon Delight Review

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Glum stay-at-home mother Rachel (Hahn) finds a strange soul-mate in McKenna (Temple), a stripper who promises to shake up her life and help purge some of her unhappiness. But hiring McKenna as nanny brings predictable problems.


A stripper disrupts A suburban couple’s home life in this witty US indie starring Kathryn Hahn. She’s Rachel, a bored housewife with a distant husband (Josh Radnor) who rashly buys her a lap dance one night at a strip joint. Soon, Rachel’s befriended saucy teenager McKenna (Juno Temple) and invited her to live in their home and act as a nanny. It’s an amusing set-up that also takes a serious look at relationships, compromise and the potential confusion between sexual attraction and emotional needs. Performances are stronger than the direction but it’s a fun watch with top turns from its talented leads.

Six Feet Under scribe Jill Soloway offers a wry perspective on married life as Temple's stripper-with-a-heart is lobbed into this domestic yarn like a firecracker in an arms cache.