Adventures In Babysitting Review

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High School senior agrees to babysit for a teeage girl and her younger brother after he boyfriend stands her up. She's settled in for a dull night when a girlfriend calls her to say she's marooned at a downtown bus station with very seedy characters around. The three plus one of the boy's friends get into the parents station wagon for a trip to the inner city. All is well till the flat tire.

Screenwriter Chris Columbus makes his directorial debut and Elizabeth Shue has her first major role with this slightly risque teen comedy — rather like a cross between Ferris Bueller and Risky Business — in which the stood-up Shue accepts a babysitting job, takes her young charges along with her into the city to help a friend with a problem, and one-flat tire later, lands herself and the kids in a progressively madder sequence of escapades and perils.

Strays from the boundaries of believavbility a little too much to be regarding anything other than a throw-away comedy