Acts Of Godfrey Review

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God (Simon Callow) give the put-upon Vic (Ian Edmondson) a lucky break by pairing him off with the sexy Mary (Myfanwy Waring) at a motivational conference. But even with a deity at the helm, life doesn't pan out quite as Vic hopes.


Claiming to be the first feature film written entirely in verse (not true: see 2009’s gangster rap stinker A Day In The Life), Johnny Daukes’ British curio is an exhausting prospect. Set during a salesmen’s conference in a country hotel, the film conspires to bring star-crossed lovers Iain Robertson and Myfanwy Waring together in the midst of an embezzling racket. Spurred on by Harry Enfield’s slippery rogue and Simon Callow’s bellowing Greek chorus, the ensemble give it their all, but the relentless rhyming couplets are a distracting endurance and the punchlines cracker-joke corny — the plot’s clearly striving for Shakespearean comedy, but the language thuds with all the art of a novelty greetings card. Interesting, but a failure.

An audacious experiment that misses the mark by some distance.