Accident Review

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Stephen is a married, but unhappy Oxford don. Things change when he meets Anna, the beautiful wife of, with whom he falls in love. But a complicated mesh of rivalries and jealousies mean that the ending is going to be anything but happy.


A poised and poisonous drama of death and upper-class perfidy at Oxford, with an elliptical Harold Pinter screenplay. The stars represent three different stripes of inadequate 60s British manhood, while Jacqueline Sassard and Delphine Seyrig provide seductive, untrustworthy foreign femininity. The plot is triggered by a nasty road smash, then flashes back to a tangle of rivalries and relationships which pit the virile but dumb student (York) against two dons, a macho TV pundit (Baker) and the more reflective, slyly hollow Bogarde. Lots of snappy patter with long pauses between jokes, and plenty of sunstruck picnics on the lawn to underline the reasons why everybody hates everyone else

A sharp and complex British film that his by turns witty and engaging.